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Every day we face new challenges. Our skills and broad experience allow us to adapt to a wide spectrum of problems present in the Big Industry, making use of our technology and innovation, guaranteeing quality services, trust and safety for our clients and workers.

Repair of Boilers, autoclaves and pressure vessels.
Regulatory Testing and Certification of Boilers, Autoclaves and pressure vessels.
Consulting and Inspection of Boilers and Boiler Room according to current legislation (D.S. N°10/2012 MINSAL).
Inspections, Diagnostics and Failure Analysis in Boilers and Pressure Vessels.
Repair, maintenance, calibration and certification of Safety Valves in Test Bench.
Supply and advice in the replacement, sizing, selection and installation of Safety Valves, Burners, accessories and components.
Structural Diagnostics and Boiler adaptations for fuel conversion (LPG/Natural Gas).
Engineering calculations, thermal load analysis and selection of Burners for fuel conversion in Boilers.
Preventive Maintenance and Performance Tests of Boilers, Autoclaves and Pressure Vessels.
Measurements, Non-Destructive Testing and Testing of Materials.
Gas Analysis and Combustion Calibration in Boilers.
Design and Layout drawings for manufacture (equipment, repairs, piping, etc).
Training in the fields of Mechanical and Thermofluids Engineering for personnel from Thermal Plants.
Maintenance of components, accessories and control systems for Boilers, Autoclaves and Pressure Vessels.
Sales of spare parts for Boilers and Burners.
Burner Maintenance.