We are a leading company in the Certification, Repair and Maintenance of Boilers and Pressure Vessels present in steam plants.



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Boiler Certification

In accordance with the Regulation of Boilers, Autoclaves and Devices that use steam (D.S. N°10/2013 MINSAL)

Technical and Legal Advice specialized in the Area of Mechanical and Thermofluids Engineering.

Consult with experts

Gathering experience since 1983

We have professionals registered in the National Registry of Boiler Inspectors, approved for the application of the Regulation of Boilers, Autoclaves and Devices that use steam (Supreme Decree N°10/2012 MINSAL).

Our extensive experience in Failure Analysis, Inspection Procedures, Performance Tests, Repair Procedures, Measurements, Non-Destructive Testing, Testing of Materials and Investigations in the field of Mechanical and Thermofluids Engineering guarantee maximum safety and timely support for our clients.

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Wide range of consultancies

Throughout our history, we have advised projects in different fields, such as:

Engineering based on International Standards

Our procedures are technically supported in accordance with recognized international standards: ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), ISO (International Organization for Standardization), API (American Petroleum Institute), CEN (European Committee for Standardization), DIN (German Institute for Standardization), BSI (British Standards Institute) and others.

Failure Analysis and Structural Diagnostics

We have performed Failure Analysis in Boilers and pressure vessels, at the request of the Prosecutor's Office, Investigation Police Department, Insurance Companies and defense attorneys of companies affected by the failures.

More than 30 years of experience.

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Certification, Repair, Maintenance of Boilers, Autoclaves and Pressure Vessels.
Inspections, Diagnostics and Failure Analysis in Boilers and Pressure Vessels.
Safety Valves: Repair, Maintenance, Calibration, Certification, Supply and advice on Replacement, Sizing, Selection and Installation.

The numbers speak for themselves.

Over time, our knowledge and the efficiency of our procedures have allowed us to carry out projects with top-level results, generating bonds of trust and guaranteeing the safety of our clients and workers.


Consulting for companies


Failure Analysis and Structural Diagnostics


Boiler repairs


Boilers under constant revision and certification

Our scope covers most industrial fields.

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We adapt to the client's needs.

Personalized assistance

Aware of the need for the efficient use of energy, our work aims at optimizing processes. In addition, always interested in contributing to the care of the environment.